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HVAC Routine Maintenance

AC Repair Houston suggests that there are a few things you can do personally to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and to save yourself some HVAC headaches and money.

Air conditioning routine maintenance:

  • Replace air filters once a month – you and your unit will breath easier
  • Check selections on thermostat
  • Check for freezing up of unit – this is not good! Call AC Repair Houston to take care of this problem.
  • Keep outside unit free of leaves, dirt, debris, grass and trash cans
  • Make sure all power cables and tubing are not vulnerable to pests or pets (dogs have been known to chew through cabling and horses have damaged copper tubing by simply stepping on them)
  • Have system serviced every six months by AC Repair Houston or another qualified professional

If you find a problem, contact AC Repair Houston at 713-876-4804 or via email.